Funky Craft Stamped Socks

Funky Craft Stamped Socks

This would make a fun party craft or a group craft using inexpensive children's socks found at discount stores.

What you need

Heart Shaped Stamps (or your own choice)
Red fabric paint
Thin card board


We have used heart shaped craft stamps and red paint, but you can use your own imagination and pick some craft stamps that you think are fun.

Take the cardboard and trace the sock shape onto it, then cut it out and place it inside the sock, this will prevent the paint from bleeding through the sock.

You need to work on one side of the sock at a time, allowing it to dry before turning it over.

Pour some of the fabric paint out onto the plastic tray, just a small amount at this stage.

Place some paint onto the paint brush and brush off any excess onto a scrap of paper so you only have a small amount of paint on your brush at a time, then carefully paint the stamp so that it is covered in the paint.

Firmly press the stamp onto the sock, applying an even amount of pressure for a few seconds then lifting off.

Repeat this process for the whole sock, cleaning off the stamp each time you change colors.

Once the sock is covered allow it to dry completely and follow any instructions for setting the paint that are found on your brand of fabric paint. Eg. It may require you to iron the socks or place them in a clothes dryer.


  1. do they wash out?

  2. this craft is so cool and you should think of other crafts to use paint on

  3. kaci.henry says

    This looks SO cool! It might feel good to go to school with these on!

  4. You can adapt this to shoes. Makes it that little bit special for any outfit!

  5. GreenMonkey11 says

    i bought fabric paint at walmart lol

  6. try jo anne fabrics or if theres not one near look at a phone book or on the internet

  7. Fabric paint can be bought at a CRAFT STORE!

  8. A neat idea, but where would you get fabric paint??

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