Fringed Scarf

Fringed Scarf

A simple 4 step tutorial to make your own fringed scarf using felt

What you need

– 3 different color/pattern felt
– Sewing machine
– Matching Thread
– Pins
– Fabric Sissors


1. Put your felt together evenly and pin straight through the middle (vertical).

Fringed Scarf

2. Sew straight through the middle. Don’t forget to remove the pins!

3. Fringe (vertically) from the left to the middle and from the right to the middle. Cut until you get to the bottom. Don’t cut where you have sewn!!

4. Put it on!


  1. great scarf, but how long and how wide is it ?

  2. Would help if you gave dimensions of the felt strips. Poor instructions

  3. very poor directions. some one without experience with crafts would have lots of trouble. impossible but cute idea

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