“Friends are Forever” Scrapbooking Layout (I)

“Friends are Forever” Scrapbooking Layout (I)

My sister-in-law is graduating from high school this year, and my mother-in-law and I are starting a scrapbook for her to give to her as a graduation present. One of the pages will be a layout of her and my daughter, who have grown up together.

What you need

Patterned paper for background
White paper for captions
Paper cutter or scissors
Computer/color printer


I thought it would be fun to include two pictures, one of them when they were young, and one more recent picture, showing how much they have changed over the years.

First I went to the computer and typed out some captions. I typed out “Friends” in very large letters (in a color that coordinated with the background paper), with a lot of space in between so I could cut them apart. If you don’t see a font you like, go to Google.com and type in “free fonts” to download a variety of great scrapbooking fonts. I then typed my daughter’s name vertically in a smaller font and printed it on a separate piece of paper. For the last caption I typed “Friends are Forever” and printed it out. You can print the captions all on the same page if you like, but I found it easier to print them separately.

For the first caption, I used my paper cutter to cut the word “Friends” into a separate block for each letter (see photo). Don’t worry if they’re not exactly the same size. I then used the paper cutter to cut my daughter’s name into a long, narrow strip, and the “Friends are Forever” into a small narrow strip.

I decided to use two photos with this layout. I also decided to leave the photos as they were and not use mats this time.

Next I glued the letters for the word “Friends”, vertically down the left side of the patterned background paper (see photo). I then glued my daughter’s name vertically on the right hand side of the page. I glued the “Friends are Forever” caption in the center of the page, and the two photos directly above and below the “Friends are Forever” caption. Last but not least, I glued a button on both sides of the caption, in the center of the page.

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  1. this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I gave my friend the scraptbook and she loved it.

  3. I gave my friend the scraptbook and she loved it.

  4. Wolflover008 says

    cool i like it

  5. wow this is perfect for the page i was going to do on my bff!

  6. irecon it is good but needs just a bit more stickers to make it more happy and cheerful.when i do things like that i try to fill the page but not over do it or croud it.some times i run out of paper and just use plain paper.

  7. nice and simple!

  8. mandy_in_pink says

    Very Nice. Not overdone. Sometimes I think people go overboard on these things. The idea is to showcase the photos, not outshine them.

  9. cute idea but not very creative

  10. dont listen to anyone telling you this is not good! its a good idea and i would very much like to try something like this for my friend nicole and I

  11. This website doesnt work.It doesnt have what im looking for

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