Free Sewing Pattern: An elegant clutch

Free Sewing Pattern: An elegant clutch

A sunrise clutch pattern that is easy to make and perfect for the summer months. Get the free sewing instructions for making this purse here with step by step directions.

What you need

* 2 Fat Quarters
* 1-12” zipper
* Quarter yard of 44”medium weight fusible interfacing Or 1⁄2 yard of 22 inch interfacing

Note: This pattern has 3/8” seam allowances.


Download and print the sunrise clutch pdf patterns here: Pattern 2, Pattern 3 and Pattern 4.

Print 1 copy of pages 2 and 4 and 2 copies of page 3. Cut out the pieces. Flip one piece A over and tape it to another piece A. Discard the extra piece C.


Cutting Layout 

Fold the lining fat quarter in half so it measures 22 x 9. Then lay pieces on as shown.

Cut out 2 piece A and 1 each of the strap and corner. Lay the main fat quarter flat and cut one each of pieces A and B.



Iron interfacing on the strap and lining pieces.

Press Wrist strap in half, then fold edges to center fold.


Fold in half again and top stitch all the way around .


Run a pair gathering stitches between the triangles 3/8” ad 1⁄4” away from the arced edge of section B.


Pin the corner piece to piece B, pulling up the gathering stitches to fit. Stitch. Press seam allowances towards the corner piece and top stitch.


Line the top edge of piece B along the edge of the zipper. (Note my zipper is longer than called for. I can cut it off to size later.) Make sure your zipper and fabric are right sides together and the pull is 3/8” away from the edge. Use a zipper foot to stitch next to the teeth (approximately 3/8” away from the edge.)


Flip out and repeat for the other side.

Unzip zipper and place lining right sides together with the outer pieces. Stitch along the zipper on top of previous stitching.


Close zipper less than half way, then pin outer pieces and lining pieces right sides together. Slipping the wrist strap just below the top on the right side.

Stitch all the way around, leaving a 3 inch opening in the bottom of the lining section. Back stitch over the wrist strap as you go to reinforce it.


Turn bag right side out through the hole in the lining and the open zipper.

Slip stitch the opening closed and tuck the lining inside.


And you’re done! Leave a comment and tell us how yours turned out!

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