Make A Christmas Pinata

Make A Christmas Pinata

This pinata is great for Christmas picnics and lunches and uses just a balloon and paper mache.

What you need

Xmas tinsel and decorative bows
Bag of mixed wrapped sweets


Start by blowing up your balloon and tie it off to secure.

Now make a paper mache mix (paper mache mix is white wood glue with small amount of water or flour and water to make a gluing paste).

Cut some brown paper or newspaper into strips.

Dip it into the glue then place it down onto the balloon. Keep doing this in single layers until the balloon is covered and then allow that layer to dry before adding another layer.

Keep doing this until it is around 3-4 layers thick.

Once it has dried using a large pin push a hole through the paper mache to pop the balloon inside.

Use a blade to cut a flap into the bottom of the paper mache pinata. It needs to be big enough to add the sweets. Place your sweets in then sticky tape the whole closed.

Tie some string to the top and then coat the whole ball with spray paint and allow to dry before decorating with tinsel and bows.


  1. Please know that it is a Birthday Celebration. That of Jesus Christ our Lord.

  2. Spanish colonists are thought to have started the piñata tradition in Mexico; then the tradition went on to the Italians (pignatta). According to legend, Marco Polo introduced the piñata to the Italians after discovering it in the Orient.

  3. I la-la love the idea about the pinatas great idea

  4. i love pinatas i wanna make one

  5. this was an excellant project

    10 out of 10

  6. I am looking forward to using this to celebrate Christmas with my children, since Christmas for us is Jesus’s birthday! Perfect craft for the perfect holiday. Thank you!

  7. no offence but pinatas are only supposed to be used for birthdays not christmas. this has been a mexican tradition for a very long time and i know that americans hate it when mexicans mis-use their traditions so please do not mis-use ours.

    • Juanita Mills-Persely says

      Not just birthdays – don’t forget the posadas -Traditional posadas, a word meaning lodges or inns in Spanish, are held over nine days by communities each year from December 16 through December 24. In these posadas, also known as “Los Peregrinos, San José y la Virgen María,” participants re-enact the experience of Mary and Joseph seeking lodging on their trip to Bethlehem. At our Senior Center (Ohio) we are making 5 pinatas for the Family Readiness Groups of our National Guardspeople and their families for their Christmas parties. Any time is a good time for a pinata.

  8. Fantastic idea…just what I have been looking for. My daughter will love it. Thank you

  9. i la-la-love making pinatas but this pinata that i made was too fun. i filled it up with candy and toys!!!!

  10. Christmas Crafts

  11. this is an awesome chrissy project!

  12. it’s such a great idea that can be done in no time lol

  13. One year I made these pinatas to put the childrens’ money in, for Christmas. I decorated the finished product to look like the head of each child, right down to yellow Easter grass for the hair.It took awhile with several layers of newspaper.Well worth it

  14. so cute

  15. I dont think this is boring you can adapt the basic principle to make them for different occasions

  16. DisneyDancer1986 says

    Shiny & Colored = NOT BORING!!!! The pattern leaves so much room for creativity, so you can do it how you see fit! =3

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