Framed Family Tree

Framed Family Tree

This family tree is a great addition to your living room. And it is so easy to make!

What you need

8 X 10 inch frame, very fine or finishing Sand Paper, Indoor/outdoor Spray Paint, our printable family tree


Remove the glass from your frame to prepare for painting. I found my frame at a thrift store, but stores like Target and Wal-Mart carry inexpensive frames. (I would stick with wood frames if this is your first time using spray paint. It will stick better to a wooden frame).

Sand your frame lightly. (Just rough the surface up enough to hold the paint.)

Paint your frame. I prefer to use a paint + primer all in one such as Krylon or Rust-oleum. They are a bit more expensive, however the paint goes on easier, dries quicker, and typically uses less paint overall.

(For obvious reasons, it’s better to save this part for a nice sunny day outside.) I usually do two coats with about 30 minutes drying time between each coat if it’s warm and sunny outside, giving my project a nice place to dry.)

While the paint is drying, print the family tree picture with boxes and fill in the branches. Or, if you own Photoshop or similar photo editing software you may use our 2nd printable as a starting point to create a more elaborate family tree of your own. Unleash your creativity!

Replace the glass. Insert your printable family tree! At this point, you may choose to embellish the frame itself with ribbons, buttons, or other small trinkets to really jazz your project up. As mine was for a gift, I kept it simple knowing it was going to hang in someone else’s home (hopefully!).

Enjoy your framed family tree!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!