Crochet Flower Poppy for Veteran’s Day

Crochet Flower Poppy for Veteran’s Day

This is a simple project that shows how to make a crochet flower - perfect for Veteran's Day!

What you need

Some red yarn, some yellow yarn and a hook. Simple, no? You can use any size hook.

I used a size 6 (sorry, not sure what that translates to, if anyone knows, please post it in the comment section).

Basically, the bigger the hook, the bigger the poppy.


With yellow: Leaving a tail about a foot long, chain 3. Join the last chain to the first with a slip stitch. Careful not to twist the chains.

Rnd 1: Chain 1. 16 SC into the loop made of chains. I know. Tight squeeze.

Make them fit. AND make sure your tail that you started with is being crocheted under the SCs. Place your hook through the 1st SC made on this round, but bring your red through instead of the yellow. If you are more comfortable with it, tie a knot with the two colors and cut off the yellow.

Rnd 2: With Red. *Chain 2. 1 DC in the same sc as your chain. 2 TrC in the next 2 sc. 1 DC in the next sc. Slip stitch into the same sc.

Slip stitch into the next sc.** Repeat from * to ** around to the end. There should be four petals. Use the last slip stitch to join the last petal to the 1st. Tie off.

Remember the yellow tail that you crocheted over. Now pull that tight and tie it to another tail to secure it. You can also use the tails to sew a pin to the back before hiding all of your ends.

This is my first time actually writing out a pattern, so if there are any big mistakes, please let me know. And don’t forget to hug a veteran!

This project was contributed by Tara from Coffee Crochet


  1. very cool, what is TrC ?? Please.

  2. A size 6 for UK/CAD is a 5.0mm or H/8 US

    Cute pattern!

  3. Cute poppy pattern – thanks!

  4. Nice pattern but I think the middle should be Black for our Memorial Day Remembrance

  5. i was looking for a top with crocheted flowers like this one on it, but now i reaize that i can make the flowers. thanks

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