Flower Bracelet

Flower Bracelet

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What you need

Beading needle
Thread/powerpro fishing line (can use normal thread)
Two different color seedbeads (a pastel multi color works best for flowers)


Step One: Thread needle and put on 10 beads, go through all 10 beads again so that they form a circle, tie thread in a knot.

Step Two: Thread on 10-12 more beads of a different color, then add 10 more of your base color, thread needle back through last 10 beads of your base color so that you have one circle on top and one on bottom with row of beads in between.

Step Three: Go through next bead of bottom circle you just formed and add 10-12 more beads of a different color, doing the same thing when you get to top circle continue this so that you have a curtain of beads in between top and bottom circle should have 10 if your base row was 10 beads now tie off thread and your done.


  1. This is hard!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ludlowquiltandsew says

    Really pretty bracelet. I’m looking forward to trying it.

  3. such a lovely bracelet, i love it.i sometimes make earrings,bracelets and rings etc.

  4. i like beading i make : i like beading i make : bracelets,necklaces,earrings,rings,pendents, windchimes,dream catchers, key rings, hair accessories and just about every thing!!

  5. nice idea!!
    Thanks Murida

  6. It turns into a flower by assembling the two circles together.
    But what I couldn’t figure out how to turn this flower into a bracelet

  7. looks cool
    but not sure:)

  8. It’s cute! But how does the curtain of beads turn into a flower?

  9. Huh? I don’t know ow to make this

  10. it looks really nice but what is the measurement on the thread and the pix aren’t very clear for me to understand directions. Help.

  11. Where are the rest of the instructions? How does a “curtain of beads” end up as a flower?

  12. Better Pic would be good I don’t know what I am making!

  13. I loved the adstructions for the flower bracelet and it is great P.S i am wearing it right now

  14. This pattern has a technique that I hadn’t seen before and I liked it, but being a beginner I would also like to know how to put it all together to make the bracelet.

  15. what???I dont even know what it looks like.please get a better pic so I can think about making it.

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