Crochet Flower – Blue Pansy

Crochet Flower – Blue Pansy

This is a vintage pattern that has been re-published here on Craftbits. If you are having trouble with this pattern try looking at vintage terms for crochet online. This pattern has been re-written as originally published. If you have cracked the vintage code let us know and we will update and add notes to this pattern to help out fellow crocheters.

What you need

Crochet hook
Oddments of colored yarn


Large petals: Using blue, work 6ch.

Join with ss into first ch to form a circle. 1st round lch, work 1 1dc into circle.

Join with ss into first ch.

2nd round 2ch, 1tr into same st, *2tr into next dc, rep from * once. Turn.

Work first petal on these sts. 1st row 2ch, 2tr into next tr, *2tr into next tr, rep from * twice more, 3tr into last tr. Turn.

2nd row 2ch, 1 tr into same st, *2tr into next tr, rep from * to end. Finish off.

Rejoin thread into next dc and work second petal in same way. Then work 3rd and 4th petals.

Do not break yarn at end of 4th petal.

Last round *lss between petals, 1dc into each tr along petal edge, rep along each petal. This forms the petal curve.

Small petals Using blue, work 5ch. Join with ss into first ch to form a circle.

1st round lch, work 1 1dc into circle. Join with ss into first st.

2nd round *3ch, miss 2 dc, 1 dc into next dc, rep from * 3 times more. Join with ss into first ch. 3rd round 3ch, 1 tr into same st, 1 tr into next tr, *2tr into next tr, 1 tr into next tr, rep from * to end.

Join with ss into 3rd of first 3ch. 4th round *(10ch, into 2nd ch from hook work 1 dc, 1 htr into next ch, 1 tr into each of next 7ch, 1 dc into next dc on previous row) twice, l dc into each of next 5tr, rep from * 3 times more.

Join with ss into first ch. Finish off.

To make up sew small petals inside large petals and centre into centre of small petals circle.

New to crochet? Check out our general Crochet Abbreviations guide.

LDC – long double crochet

SS – Slip Stitch

LTR – Long treble

TR – triple (treble) crochet



  1. This is very cool. I like the design and most of the terms are workable. I am just not seeing the part to create the center. Is this a part that we invent or am I just not understanding something in the pattern. I am thinking we are to make out own center as there is no reference to

  2. Has anyone actually finished this flower? I’m getting lost in the small petals, second round. The instructions from there on just don’t seem to make sense. Has anyone rewritten this pattern away from vintage?

  3. i just used embroidery thread to make it cause i didnt have any yarn at hand and it looks really cool.guess it doesnt matter what type of yarn. ^_^

  4. it is very nice to share what you know with others

  5. redfuzzy says

    Thank you for a flower that has such a pleasing shape! I am excited to try this with some metallic threads. 🙂

  6. hi im olny twelve and i know im not very good at crocheting but if you search in the google bar or yahoo bar for ”crocheting abbreviations” it will come up with a very long list of abbreviations

  7. this little number looks super cute!

    thanks for sharing this with me!


  8. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says

    I would just like to remind everyone that this is a vintage pattern and is re-written as published.

  9. The pattern needs to be rewritten. it referes to next dbl cr…for which not instruction was given. “1st round lch, work 1 1dc into circle. Join with ss into
    first ch.” Something missing in the first round. Pretty idea, wished instructions were right.

  10. For all the guests complaining about abbrv.If you go to the crochet page at the top of the projets list is ” * Crochet Abrrv.” or somthing like it.Write them down f you must, but dont bring down the project rating because you failed to read the instructio

  11. I totaly agree, there needs to be an abbrv. chart on here!!! I’ve been crocheting for a long time and I had a hard time with this. SOMEONE NEEDS TO CHANGE THIS!!! ~ok, I feel better, thanks. ;}

  12. I believe they mean (one)dc, (one) tr, etc.

  13. Oops! How do you make the center?

  14. does it mean LAST dc, ch, tr?

  15. I’m fairly new to crocheting. Can anyone tell me what the heck ltr, lch, ldc mean? Is it LARGE tr, etc.? I wish there was an abbreviation guide like most patterns.

  16. I really like this, but the pattern was hard for me to read. Can someone help please?

  17. oh i love the shape of this flower! it’s hard to find a flower that doesn’t look old fashioned, thanks!

  18. You can use any ply for this, just the size will change

  19. What KIND of yarn…?

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