Fishy Cat Toy

Fishy Cat Toy

Cats will love this homemade toy using fabric.

What you need

Fabric (cotton)
Fiber fill or cat-nip for stuffing
Thread for stitching


Step 1: Cut a simple fish pattern out of fabric.

Step 2: Stitch the long ends together, leave one short side open.

Step 3: Turn the fish inside out and fill it with the fiber fill or cat-nip.

Step 4: Stitch the short end together and stick the feathers in while stitching.

Step 5: Last, make a little eye with some embroidery floss.

Your cats will love it!

Cat toys are must for any cat owner especially if you plan on keeping your fury friend inside. So how do you choose the right toys? Well it all depends on space, your cat’s active behavior and the money you have to spend.

Let’s face it. Everyone’s home are getting smaller and there is barely enough room in an apartment these days for the needs of the average person let alone animals too. Luckily cats can be comfortable practically anywhere. But what do you do when you want to spoil them with a toy but your house is too small? What should you buy if you have enough space to give them their own room? Well for smaller places there are tons of small balls, mouse toys and such that you can purchase. There are starching posts that hang on wall corners instead of what that might have to sit in the hall; where as if you have a large room with extra space you can buy your cat a jungle gym of a starching post. The possibilities are endless just keep your living space in mind.

You want to be sure your cat will use the items you buy. Perhaps they are lazy and just need a hide away to sleep in. Many standup starching posts have boxed sections or just flat tops on which your cat can sleep. Maybe a hanging toy would be best so they needn’t move much as they don’t already. Course there are the ringing bell balls your cat can push in circles or even moving toys they can chase for hours. And if your cat loves catnip there are plenty of toys scented with it. Be wary I have seen cats rip these toys to pieces and eat the insides. There is also cat nip sprays available so you can entice your cat to play with toys they normally never would. Search around and try many different kinds of toys remember keeping your cat active will keep it healthy.

Above all you need to worry about the cost of the toys you really want. We would all love to buy a scratch post that reached the ceiling with many boxed areas for our cat to hide in, but even a two posted four feet high set can now cost over $100. Best bet with scratch posts is to buy use or on sale. Do not rule out making your own. All you need is carpet scraps, thick cardboard tubing or a two by four piece of wood and some wood for the base. If you don’t have carpet scraps try going to a local auction. You can always refurbish an old scratching post by replacing the carpet already on it. When it comes to smaller toys dollar stores are the easiest place to come by affordable cat toys for any family; from the small bell balls to squeaking mice and such. Just remember if you do pay less for a toy it most likely last as long as the same thing at a more expensive price.

Above all else shopping around is best when it comes to buying cat toys. You can get them in grocery store, pet stores, dollar store; practically everywhere. If you plan to buy a lot of toys remember to think of your house size, your cat’s preference or activity level and the total amount you plan to spend. By doing this I am sure you will find everything you need and want for the price you need it.


  1. My Gosh! It is so totally awesome!

  2. 5 stars! My cat loved it and I did too! It took me 5 minutes. LOVED IT!

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