Create Elegant Feather Dangle Ear Hooks

Create Elegant Feather Dangle Ear Hooks

In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a pair of beautiful feather ear hooks. It's not that complicated, and the materials are very easy to find. This tutorial costs almost nothing.

What you need

For this project you” need:
1. 2 similar feathers.
2. Thin chains.
3. Jewelry Pliers.
4. All Purpose adhesive (Super will do as well)
5. Jewelry Wires.



Make a wire coil according to the length of the feathers quill and also make  a loop (as shown in the picture), then glue the loop into the coil.


Cut the chain in four pieces using a cutting pliers. Then take the looped coil and glue the chains (2 for each ear hook) into the coil.


Now take one of the feathers and glue its quill into the coil. Let it dry completely.


Make two jump rings. Attach a jump ring to the ear hook. Then attach the ear hook the feather.



All done!


  1. Love these great earrings! I’ve had the feathers but, could not figure out just how to get things together … Thank You So Much!!!

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