DIY Moonstone Crystal Fertility Bracelet

DIY Moonstone Crystal Fertility Bracelet

These would make a great gift for someone you know who is trying to conceive a baby. I made a few of these fertility bracelets up for myself and thought I would add it to the site. Rose quartz and Moonstone are both listed as Fertility crystals. I added the baby themed charms for extra luck.

What you need

Moonstone chips
Rose quartz beads
Jewelry Elastic
Baby themed charms
Bell caps


Start by designing your fertility bracelet. Crystal gemstone chips are less expensive than shaped beads this is something you might want to consider when buying your fertility crystals. The shape of the crystal beads or chips makes no difference to the healing qualities of the crystals.

You can layout your fertility bracelet in any design, but use the image above as a guideline if you need some inspiration for your layout.

The baby charms were bought from a scrapbooking shop, but most craft stores carry similar designs. These were my own personal choice as they reached out to me in the store. We are all on our own fertility or IVF journey so choose a trinket that appeals to your heart and your fertility journey.

I added a stork and a butterfly which represents new life.

Good luck!

Some crystal meanings are these, choose a  crystal gemstone that reflects your healing needs.

Rose Quartz – For love and heart health

Sodalite –For inner peace, wisdom and calming a quick temper

Amethyst – For spiritual awakening, promotes healthy sleep and raises the personal vibration

Clear Quartz—For clarity, healing of all kinds, promotes positive energy


  1. OMG!!! my cousin will love this! it’s so cute!

  2. beccahawley says

    i would like to know where you can find the crystals because my husband and i has been trying to get prego and it dont seem to be working and this is my next hope and trying to concive please help thankx

  3. I planning to make one of these for my daughter. This is such a wonderful gift for someone trying to conceive.

  4. Totally works! Coming Soon…Twins!!!!!

  5. So Cute

  6. JanessaFaith says

    I want to make this, but I don’t know where to find crystals like that! I find crystals that are more in their natural form… like without holes in them for the string… But when I do find this kind of crystals, I will make one! I think it’s something that can be passed around… once you get pregnant, pass it on to someone else who is trying.

  7. it rockkkkkkkkkkks

  8. I have made one myself using some crystals from my veil and my something blue crystals from my wedding day. Hope it works if not it’s very pretty!

  9. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  10. craft_grl246 says

    ohhhh this iz beautiful!!!

  11. I like the looks of this braclet, it’s very pretty. But I wouldn’t give it to someone else unless your really close to them.

  12. I love this bracelet!

  13. this is a very cute brcalet to have

  14. This is such a lovely idea, a nice way to let someone know you are thinking about them as they try to conceive

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