Recycled Milk Bottle Lady Planters

Recycled Milk Bottle Lady Planters

This tutorial shows you how to make a recycled Milk bottle lady that turns into a planter.

What you need

Milk carton
Knife or scissors
String for hanging



First you will need to clean the bottle. After this, you should cut the bottom off the bottle carefully with a knife or an Exacto blade.  around 2-3 inches should be removed from the base of the plastic milk or juice bottle.

Because you are using this bottle as a planter you paints should be on the outside of the bottle.  You do this by painting the skin first using your color of choice with acrylic paints. Then use markers or paint pens to add the details.  The handle is the nose.

If you are using this as a fake planter as in, a plastic plant will go inside then I suggest painting the inside of the bottle with the skin color. This gives a much better finish and gives the planter a nice gleam of the plastic.  Then use the markers for the details on the outside.

If you have zero painting skills you can use eyes and lips cut out from magazines as a collage effect. Seal with varnish or mod podge.

When you finished the painting part, you can put a small number of rocks into the bottle, which will provide drainage for your plant.

You can mount your bottle on a fence with a few nails, or add some hanging strings. Do this by creating four holes (each side) of the top and adding string.   Finish off your lady by adding a headscarf from scraps of fabric.

This photos for this amazing craft was shared by Crystal A.  Thanks for sharing Crystal we love your version.


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    Can you purchase these?

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