Felted Knitting Needle Holder

Felted Knitting Needle Holder

This felted knitting pattern shows you how to knit and felt a knitting needle holder.

What you need

Using size 11 (8mm) needles
Pure wool


cast on 32 stitches

st-st 16 Rows
(K6 inc K wise into next st)
to the last 4 sts. K4 (36sts)
st-st 11 Rows
(K6 inc K wise into next st) to the last 2 sts, k2 tog (39sts)
st-st 9 Rows

Shape Base
(k2 tog k1) to the end.
P1 Row (26sts)
(k2 tog to the end)
P1 Row 13sts
K2 Tog to the last st. K1
P2 tog, 3 times, P1 4sts left

Break off yarn and thread yarn through remaining sts an draw up and secure. Sew up side edges making a tube shape.

Once complete felt your finished holder by washing it in hot water.

You can do this by hand or in a washing machine on gentle cycle. You can do this several times in hot-boiling water until you achieve the look you want.

The hot water will shrink the stitches leaving you with a felted product.


  1. So nice!!!
    I can use for pencil too!!! 😀

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