Felt T-shirt Revamp

Felt T-shirt Revamp

This project is a simple solution to revamp an old or new shirt and use up any felt scraps that you might have lying around.

What you need

Felt pieces or scraps of all colors
Needle and thread or sewing machine (whichever you prefer)
Markers (for drawing designs on felt if needed)


The best part of this project is how flexible and cheap it is. You can use an old boring shirt, or go out and buy a cheap new one. Either way you go you end up with a new and unique piece of clothing that you can feel good about wearing.

Step One- Think

Look at your materials and decide on a design that you want to put on your shirt. Think about the colors of the felt, thread and shirt. When designing, keep in mind that you will have to cut out the shapes and sew them on, so the more complicated you make it the more patience it will take.

Step Two- Cut

Once you have your design in your head or on paper you need to take your felt and cut out your shapes either by hand or by tracing. Now is the time to add borders to your shapes if you want them.

Step Three- Pin

Now that you have all of your felt pieces and your shirt ready you can lay your felt out in the design that you want and pin the parts so that they don’t move while you are sewing.

Step Four- Sew

After all your pieces are pinned you are ready to sew. If you are using needle and thread simply thread your needle with the desired color of thread and go! If you are using the sewing machine, ready your machine and begin. Either way, watch out and make sure that you don?t sew the two sides of the shirt together.

Step Five- Wear!

Wear your new exciting shirt around and when asked proclaim proudly that you made it!


When the time comes to clean your shirt you can either hand wash it or put it though the wash on a delicate setting and then hang dry. Although this is ideal, I have put mine through the regular wash many times and they have turned out fine.


Instead of a shirt try a bag or something else. If you get tired of just using felt sew on some buttons or stick on safety pins. This can help create a completely different look. Also instead of just solid colors try picking up a pack of printed felt and see what else you can do.





  1. Thanks! I have been wanting to make my own shirts like this, but I wasn’t for sure what the proper way was to to attach the felt to the shirt (Sewing? Glue? something else?) This has been a great help!

  2. Fantastic idea. My step daughter wnats to start making her own clothes and neither of us have much experience. She is 8 so this will be a good project for her to start with.

  3. loveit.

  4. ^ that was me. sorry. I always forget to rate it

  5. Awesome idea! I don’t have any T-shirts to decorate, but have a lot of boring bags that I can’t wait to decorate. Plus this can be done cheaply!!
    Thanks for the great idea.

  6. Great Idea! I love the fact that I can turn an old piece of clothing into a Designer piece. Thank you!

  7. I love it – great write up. I might try this one with my daughter.

  8. Adorable! These kinds of shirts are so “in” right now!

  9. cool! 🙂

  10. LOVE IT!!! I’ve actually never thought of personalizing a t-shirt. I usually get ones that already have some words or design, but I’m gonna get a plain 1 2 make my own! Thanks 4 telling about washing it!

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