Face Washer Bunny

Face Washer Bunny

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What you need

Face washer
wobbly eyes
elastic band


This free Easter craft project shows you how to make an Easter Bunny Craft Project.

These face washer bunny’s are great for all types of projects from fete sellers to gifts for anti-chocolate family members.

You can use this technique to make center pieces, table settings of even use it to hold an egg on the table by placing the egg into the body fold of the bunny.

Roll the towel diagonally from either side into the center.

Fold the rolled length in half.

Half way down this folded length place the elastic around it to secure it in place. This rounded section forms the body.

The two loose ends that are remaining form the ears. Fold the ear section back onto the body forming the head.
Secure with elastic.

You can leave the ears floppy or make them pointy.

Finish the bunny off by tying the ribbon around the head.

Add the wobble eyes, either with glue or some double sided tape (so it can be removed later).


  1. A Lovely idea Jane.B

  2. while this is a cute project that is easy and looks relatively like a bunny, i wish there was a picture or the finished product. where does that ribbon go?

  3. have been looking for this for a few months – our brownie pack theme is peter rabbit this year and so this is perfect!!! nb was actually given one of these a couple of years ago with a small soap in the rolled up body…. was a lovely thoughtful added extra

  4. What a fun Easter take-away for your family and friends

  5. very clever idea

  6. We sold 36 bunnies at $3.00 a piece at craft sale.

  7. the pictures were excellent! So was the use of the different color of rubber bands to show 2 were used. It helped me a lot!

  8. Th is craft is so CUTE! I love it!!!! I can’t wait until my mommy sees it she’ll thinks it’s so cute! Thanks so much for the cute idea, it’s very cute!

  9. Tis craft is good and easy and I think kids will enjoy it!!!

  10. Also known as a “boo boo” bunny.
    U can tuck an ice cube inside the one of the folds to apply to a small scrape for children.
    Also, a plastic easter egg will fit into the middle and tie a bow around the neck and a small
    pom pom on the back for the tail.

  11. i have one of these they are soooooooooo cute!

  12. I used this craft idea last year for my Primary Sunday School Class and it was a big hit. Even the adults wanted one made for them.

  13. crafty cat says

    it is adorable and creative

  14. Craftymomma says

    My children love it as the BOO-BOO BUNNY!

  15. We do this as a “boo boo bunny”. We place a plastic ice cube in the top and bottom openings.

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