Face Painting: How to paint a bear face

Face Painting: How to paint a bear face

Learn to face paint a bear face in 9 simple steps.

What you need

Face paints: brown, light brown, black, white
sponge, chisel brush, medium brush, small brush


1. With the sponge, cover most of the face with dark brown, leaving a round unpainted circle around the mouth and nose. Smooth the color out with the chisel brush.

2. With the chisel brush, color in the unpainted circle of the muzzle with white paint.

3. Paint the nose black. Remember, bears have much bigger noses that we do so don’t be afraid to use lots of black.

4. Using the small brush, paint the bear’s muzzle – paint little dots over the upper lip.

5. Still using the small brush, outline the mouth with black face paint.

6. With the light brown paint, use the chisel brush to paint over the eyelids.

7. Using the black paint and a medium brush, define the eyebrows. Brush with upward strokes to make them look fuller and darker.

8. If you like, use a little white to highlight the nose. This will make it look shiny like a real bear’s nose.

9. Still using the white paint and the small brush, outline the entire circumference of the muzzle.

Don’t forget to growl!

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