DIY Fabric Pots

DIY Fabric Pots

These fabric containers are a great way to make small organisers for your desk, bathroom or bedroom.

What you need

PVA (white craft glue)
Length of Ribbon
Square of Fabric
Large Bowl
Plastic Gloves


Start by working out what size you want your fabric pot to be.

The height of the pot will determine what you need to place underneath the pot as it dries. It needs to sit lifted off the surface upside down.

A small plastic container resting on a tall spray can works well and the plastic container will give the project a nice flat base. We used the bottom of a plastic milk carton raised up on a spray can for the base.

Set up your drying objects.

Add the white glue with a small amount of water into a bowl. The mix should be smooth and runny. The water thins out the thick glue.

Completely coat the fabric in the glue by submerging it into the bowl. Wring out any access glue from the fabric.

You may want to wear gloves for this one.

Next lay the center of the fabric over the base (plastic container). This will form the bottom of your project.

Allow the lengths of fabric to hang down. Arrange them into even pleats.

Allow it to dry which may take up to 2 days. Use a hair dryer to speed it up if you want to complete the project in a single day.

When it is dry it will be stiff and hard.

Once dry and stiff you can cut off any uneven lengths from the top of the project with a sharp pair of scissors.

Remove the plastic base and you should have a sturdy fabric pot.

Finish it off by tying the ribbon around the centre.


  1. I up-cycled by using material from a pretty dress I was having to throw out, great use of material

  2. I am thinking that you could do it with two different layers of fabric, wrong sides facing each other. That would give you a coordinating inside instead of looking at the wrong side of the fabric. Will try it. Seems easy and will use up scrap fabric (if there is such a thing!)

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