Fabric Pieced Ornament

Fabric Pieced Ornament

For this project you can use any sixed polystyrene ball, from the smallest to something as large as a 6 inch ball for a more dramatic look.

What you need

Styrofoam Ball (3 inch approx)
Small Beaded garland or cord
White Craft Glue, or clear craft glue
2 x 15 cm square of fabric pieces in contrasting colors.


Start by taking your polystyrene ball and using the knife or a scissor blade carefully score the ball into quarters by scoring it into half. and then half in the other direction to make 4 wedges or 4 quarters.

This scored line should only be around 5 mm deep.

To cut your fabric to size and shape, the easiest way is to place some chalk onto a quarter and then roll it onto the fabric to give you an outline of the wedge. Alternatively you can just draw around the wedge as you roll it onto your fabric.

Cut the pattern out with a 5 mm extra allowance to enable you to push it into the scored edge.

Cut 2 of these wedges from each piece of fabric.

Take your fabric and using your knife push it into the scored line starting at the top and working your way around each wedge, pulling the fabric tight as you go to insure there are no creases.

Do this for all 4 wedges.

Using craft glue glue the beaded edge over all the seams.

If you are using clear craft glue (which will dry faster) make sure it only touches the fabric or it will eat away at the polystyrene. If time is not an issue use white craft glue or a fine bead of hot melt glue.

You can secure the beaded edge with some pins whilst it dries.

Add a ribbon to the top by gluing on a loop.


  1. Totally love this, and will definately be making some!

  2. the first couple were kind of hard, but by the third, i felt like i was making a decent product. yay me! yay you for sharing!!

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