Fabric Chunky Chain Necklace

Fabric Chunky Chain Necklace

I’m excited to share an advanced diy fabric jewelry necklace project here. It may make a significant difference by simple process. What a wonderful homemade Mother's day present idea.

What you need

Vivid-colored fabric strip
Piece of old necklace or bracelet


Step1: separate the focal beaded part of your necklace. Choose a type of long chain necklace is the best. Open the connective jumpring and then you can get the part you need.


Step2: take a piece of fabric strip, about 3~4cm wide. Feed one tip through one end of the focal portion, stop when two ends of fabric gets equal.


Step3: looping the two ends together through other side of focal part.

Step4: finish the stunning diy fabric jewelry necklace by tying a pretty bow knot.


Thank you for joining me here with the diy fabric jewelry necklace. And hope all of you can be inspired to transform things lying at the bottom of your jewelry box and wardrobe into functional and trendy homemade mothers day presents before the day arriving!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!