Fab Cell Phone Pouch

Fab Cell Phone Pouch

Easy to make out of felt, this pouch will keep your phone safe.

What you need

2 sheets of felt in different colors (I used brown and pink)
2 colors of embroidery floss (I used brown and pink)
embroidery needle
craft or fabric glue


1. Trace your cell phone on the sheet of felt you want to use as your main color (I used pink as my main color) leaving 1/4 inch space around your phone (Fig 1). Cut two.

2. Stitch the two pieces of felt together with the accent color of embroidery floss (brown), leaving one of the shorter sides open. Here, stitch on each of the pieces of felt separately (Fig 2).

3. Cut out a strip of the accent felt (brown) long enough to wrap around the pouch.

4. Stitch along the two long sides of the strip of felt you just cut in the opposite color (pink). Sew french knots at regular intervals in the same strip (Fig 3).

5. Glue the strip of felt around the pouch.

6. Cut another strip of the accent fabric (brown) about 1/4 inch by 2 inches to make the strap. Glue the ends together and then to an inside corner of the pouch.


  1. <3

  2. its alright but I would do it in turquoise or pink… and I sort of don’t understand it so I’ll get my mom to help me.

  3. that looks fabulous.

  4. it looks so good that’s a great idea i’ll try to do that for my ipod!!!!!

  5. jeangirl0317 says

    Where do you get this fabric?

  6. A very good idea. I enjoyed making it.

  7. This inspired me to make my own version and everyone loves it, especially me!

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