Embellished Glass Bottle

Embellished Glass Bottle

This project is a great way to jazz up an old glass bottle or jar and it makes a really unique gift.

What you need

Colored Glass Bottles
Gold Glass Paint or
Fabric Paint
Alcohol Wipe


You can  decorate this bottle using glass paints and follow the instructions on your glass paints to make the paint permanent and water proof.

Or if you are decorating a bottle that will not need to be washed then you can use inexpensive gold fabric paint. It will remain on the bottle until it is washed or peeled off.

Take your glass bottle, I used a red bottle so they gold paint really stood out.

Clean the glass with an alcohol cleaner or a glass cleaner to remove any residue and oils. Begin painting the design onto the bottle. You can see I just used swirls and curls to create a pretty design.

Allow the paint to dry and it’s ready to bake (if you are using glass paints) or ready to use if you used fabric paints.

If baking follow the baking/curing instructions found on your brand of glass paints. Remember if you are baking your glassware to remove the cork before putting it into the oven.

You can use this project to decorate bottles or jars filled with homemade goodies.


  1. Wow, your bottle is beautiful. Thank you!

  2. this is a very unique and creative design….. thanks

  3. This is very interesting concept and so much can be done with it.

  4. Great imagination. Great design. Very talented.

  5. Very detailed directions. Will try.

  6. but it needs a pattern

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