DIY Elegant Wedding Ribbon Card

DIY Elegant Wedding Ribbon Card

This card making project shows you how to make a handmade wedding card that is as simple as it is elegant.

What you need

5″ by 7″ folded white greeting card with envelope
Any shade of pink: preferably light pink sheet of cardstock paper
Wedding scrapbook embellishments
Thin wavy darker pink .5mm thick ribbon: 7″ long
3D foam dots 1/16″ thin (used instead of tape)
Craft stick glue


First, cut your light pink sheet of cardstock to the same size as your greeting card, 5″ by 7″.

Once you have done that you may carefully glue your cardstock onto your card using Elmers Glue.

The next step is to place your ribbon horizontally on the card.

Make sure your ribbon is secure by using 3D foam dots to stick it on.

Now last but not least, stick your “wedding” embellishment right in the middle of the ribbon going through your card.


  1. Love the card, but wish the picture was clearer.

  2. i think ur title should be “wedding card”

  3. I enjoyed trying to make this card hopefully I will get as good as you one day.
    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas

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