Egg Shell Bottles

Egg Shell Bottles

Recycle your egg shells for this fun kids craft project for a dramatic look that even the little ones can achieve.

What you need

Different types of glass bottles (cleaned with all labels removed)
Spray glue or craft glue
Acrylic paint
Egg shells
Clear protective finish
Paint brushes
Hot glue gun
Ribbon, decorative buttons, beads, stones or shells


Take the thin layer left in your eggshells out and rinse the eggshells off.

After letting egg shells dry crush then into fine pieces.

Spray a thick covering of the spray glue on the bottle or paint on the craft glue.

Roll your bottle in the eggshells. Make sure and fill in any spaces that don’t get covered the first time. You may need to repeat this step to get a good covering.

Egg Shell Bottle

Now that your bottle is dry gently rub your hand over the bottle to get any sharp or loose pieces off.

Paint with your color choice and let dry. Always handle the bottle gently.

Spray or brush on your protective finish and let dry.

The last step is to embellish your bottle however you want. (tie ribbon around the neck of the bottle and glue a fabric rose in the middle of the bow.)

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