Edible Valentine Gifts

Edible Valentine Gifts

We asked our members to tell us their favorite edible craft ideas for Valentine's day. We gathered the best and decided to share them with you here.

What you need

Various items


Dip pretzels in white melted chocolate and then lay on wax paper and sprinkle with red candy hearts. Red sprinkles, red jimmies, anything valentine related. You can also do the opposite, dip in red colored chocolate and use white sprinkles – by Christine Bentley

Make Butter or Vanilla cookies and decorate with red icing or write little messages of love on them.

Make a Heart Shaped Cake and ice a sweet personal message on it. For an extra special touch, deliver it to your loved ones work for morning tea.

Make a large cookie and wrap it in home made gift wrap with little messages of love.

Dip some strawberries in melted chocolate and allow them to set, then sprinkle some white icing sugar on them. Place them in a heart shaped box or basket and share with your loved one for a sweet picnic.

Got an idea yourself? Leave a comment and let us know.


  1. OceanWaves says

    Cute dessert ideas!! Love it!


  2. Thanks for the good ideas…got teenagers that need low cost ways to show their “friends” they remember. I think we’ll be dragging out the heartshaped pan!

  3. i think most of these are really boring but i like the idea of prestsels…

  4. i do not get it at all

  5. Take one of those squeeze drinks and add a paper heart tied to the top with the message, here is a hug(Hershey’s Hugs) and a squeeze to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day

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