Easy Valentine Goodie Bag

Easy Valentine Goodie Bag

A fun little project for Valentine's day and is pretty inexpensive as well!

What you need

Small Brown Paper Bag (lunch size)
Markers (or) Paint (or) your choice of medium.
Ideas for inside bag:
Pencil – Eraser – Flower of your choice – Candy or Baked Goods – Homemade Card etc.


First you want to decorate the paper bag.

You can do this by cutting and pasting hearts on it, or, if you have a small child doing it, crayons, markers or non-toxic washable paint works great too. Next you want to make a card.

Fold a piece of paper four ways and decorate it to your choosing.

Place the card in the beg.

Proceed to put the candy, flower and whatever else into the bag.

FOR A SIMPLE GIFT, you can easily cut out many sized hearts, color them and place them in the bag, if you are short on money or just want a small activity with your child.

Give your goodie bag to those you care about on Valentine’s day!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!