Easy Envelope

Easy Envelope

Here is an easy template to create an envelope.

What you need



Download the easy envelope pattern first.

Cut out the template along the outside lines. Fold along the inside fold lines.

Overlap the ends to form a envelope and secure the side ends with glue.


  1. its good

  2. simple & easy
    very useful
    thank you!

  3. I do alot of crafts myself and with Sunday School / Guides. This site is what I have been looking for

  4. Guest
    Its ok because there is a better way you can do it but it still works I know it different then this but is good idea to and I hope everyone like this idea but everyone has diffent opinion about different things Dont you’all think is all about you.

  5. sarahcorinne@sbcglobal.ne says

    i cant wait to try this with scrapbooking paper!

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