Up-cycled Denim Fabric Rose

Up-cycled Denim Fabric Rose

This project uses the piece you cut off your jeans when turning them up. The width should be no less than 1 1/2 inch or you will not have anything to sew up at the back.

What you need

Length of Denim or
Turned up Hem Cut off

Glue or Sewing thread.


Start by taking one end of the length. And begin rolling it loosely into your hand, you will see as you go, that it begins to resemble a rose.

You can make the layers more loose towards the end to portray an opening rose bloom.

Secure with craft glue at the back and pin until dry. Or hand sew the rose into place with small stitches.

I actually used hot glue which was super easy and popped a magnet onto the back.

You can use these roses for embellishing Hats, scarfs belts or pop them onto a pin for a brooch.


  1. Really cute! I’m going to make one for my mom!

  2. Make denim Denim Christmas Stockings. Will need to remember not to cut off the bottom. Might be an idea for the stocking–add a rose if the stocking doesn’t use a pocket.

  3. Good idea, can work with denim bags I make

  4. wow

  5. OMG! i love it! it’s so cute and easy! You could make so much $$ off of it! it’s astoundimagical!

  6. Too cute! <3

  7. This is a wonderful idea . I cut jeans off for people and now I have something to make with the cutoff fabric.

  8. That is so totally awesome! It looks
    really cool and vintage with pale wash jeans too 🙂

  9. I LOVE this!!! I am really in to making flowers at the moment and this is another idea to add to my collection!! Try using silk that will fray…it might hve a good effect!! x

  10. I can’t get it to roll. Mine looks like a ring of fabric not the rose. too hard for me I guess

  11. Where are the instructions for the denim wreath???

  12. Super le duperly cute gotta try it

  13. this craft is super cool!!!!!!!!:)

  14. Awesome. Dead easy and cheap to make and cute too 🙂 They look nice with a bright button/sequin in the middle of the rose <3 love it xx

  15. craftyangel5832 says

    i love this idea as it can used in may ways. As i am sitting here reading this i am thinking of a way of putting it on a stem covered in demin also. Hope it works cause i have an idea for them in my house. i see a trip to the thrift store in the near future for me ~smiles~

  16. freaking awesome!

  17. love the blue jean wreath idea!

  18. i was wondering what to do with all these old blue jeans of mine! so this is freaking awesome!

  19. I am making blue jean wreaths. This will look really cute in place of a ribbon.

  20. it was amazing

  21. what a good idea. well done! will definitley be making some of these! maybe i’ll make a boquet!

  22. yeah looks good im gonna turn it into a head band and give it to my girlfriend for valentines day

  23. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  24. not bad, not bad…

  25. was ok …..

  26. extreemly great idea, and soo easy, a fantastic way of recycling ur jeans but with a twist

  27. Such a cool embelishment for a denim handbag.I added sequins and beads to make it sparkle

  28. What a great use for a bit of denim that would usually end up in the bin. I am going to try one:-)

  29. looks funky

  30. this looks cool

  31. OMG! I used to make these all the time in 2nd grade… Forgot how so thanks!

  32. cute and easy! Great work!

  33. Escellent idea! I will definately be trying this one.

  34. Thanks 4 this! This is very easy 2 do I think, and I was looking 4 something 2 add 2 a bag that I didn’t want 2 look too plain on the outside. () ()

  35. cute idea

  36. I like it! I can use it for my purse that looks dreadful! This is finally a craft that I can do! That doesn’t happen very often!

  37. I like it! could put it on my jean purses!

  38. great idea! That would be a great addition to the jean purse!

  39. I like it alright, could be better. who has info. on how to make those cute fabric flowers from sheer/lightweight fabric that went on dresses and especially blazers? I am looking for easy way to make these.

  40. Need better pics

  41. its look like a cabbage it can be made much better

  42. chinchilla_chilieboy says


  43. Very good idea, but mine just doesnt seem to resemble a rose AT ALL

  44. barbie332002 says

    very pretty and cute.. thanks

  45. Now that’s good.

  46. i have looked everywere for this type of craft. I sew and have a purse that looks drab. Thanks

  47. I have been making denim quilts & things for 25 years I thought I had thought of everything .. Cute idea

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