Easter Bunny Candy Cozy

Easter Bunny Candy Cozy

Give your loved ones candy in a cute felt bunny! Perfect for this Easter - this craft idea is unique and is made with felt.

What you need

2 sheets of Felt, Clear Vinyl, Sewing Machine, Embroidery Thread, Needle, Googly Eyes, Adhesive, Candy, Pattern


1. Use the pattern to cut out the shapes from your preferred color choice of felt. Bunny Pattern – Front. Bunny Pattern – Back.

2. Cut a 3.5″ circle from clear vinyl, It should fit nicely over the cut out of your felt bunny.

3. Stitch the vinyl to the felt bunny, going around the circle.

4. Adhere your googly eyes onto your bunny face and use a needle and embroidery thread to embroider a nose and whiskers.

5. With the backside of your bunny facing up, pin the top bunny piece on and than the lower half of the back bunny piece, like this:

6. Stitch around the edge of the bunny, sewing the 2 back pieces to the front.

Now all you have to do is fill it with candy, putting it in through the opening in the back of the bunny!

bunny cozy (1)


  1. Myrtelina says

    Beautiful and easy to make.

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