Easter Bunny Basket

Easter Bunny Basket

Stitch up this cute Easter Bunny Basket for your little one to use during an egg hunt! Easy to make with step by step directions.

What you need

Supplies needed-
For the basket: 4 9″ squares of fabric, 1 8.5″ square of fabric
For the liner: 4 9″ squares of fabric, 1 8.5″ square of fabric
Interfacing: 5 8″ squares of interfacing

Sewing Machine, Needle, Embroidery Thread, Googley Eyes, Starch


1. Cut out the squares of fabric and interfacing you need.


2. Sew each set of 4 9″ squares together, creating the 4 wall of the basket.

3. With the right sides together, pin the basket base (the 8.5″ square) to the bottom of the sides that you stitched together. Stitch around the sides, sewing the base on. Repeat with lining pieces.

4. With the Basket fabric right side out, place the interfacing pieces inside the basket, 1 on the bottom and 4 around the sides. With the lining fabric wrong side out, place it inside the basket, over the interfacing.

5.Roll the edges over for a finished hem and pin. Stitch around the edges.

6. For the Ears-

Freehand cut 2 of each out of basket fabric, lining fabric, and interfacing: 9″ Long Bunny Ear Shapes. These are basically just long “feather” shapes.

7. Put the right sides of each fabric together and sew around the sides, leaving the bottom open.

Flip them right sides out and insert the interfacing.

8. Pinch the tops of the ears, and stitch about half an inch.

9. Pin both ears to the backside of the front of the basket, Stitch along the edge, sewing on the ears.

10. For the face – Sketch out a simple face with a pencil. Glue on googley eyes, and embroider the face.

11. For the handle-

Cut 2 24″x 4″ strips of the lining fabric. Place right sides together and stitch along the 2 long sides. Flip the tube right side out and iron, starching heavily.

12. Pin the handle to the 2 sides of your basket, and stitch it to the top edge of the basket.

All done!


  1. Great project! My daughters are having fun making them!

  2. Can’t you just give the yardage? I would so make it if I knew how much yardage I needed

  3. Bonnie A. says

    I think it is great ..fun and useful.

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