DVD Case Makeup Palette

DVD Case Makeup Palette

I had several eyeshadow trios and wanted to combine them for easier storage. So I came up with this!

What you need

DVD case or Gamer card case
Old Fridge Magnets (thin)
Eyeshadow pans
Card board
School Glue
Scissors or x-acto knife

Decorative Paper or cloth


For this project you will need to remove your eyeshadow pans from their current holders. Determine how many you have and how much room you will need.

Take an old DVD or gamer card case, such as what is used with WOW cards, and place your eyeshadow pans to see if they will all fit. Once determined, space and arrange them how you like. Take your old flat refrigerator magnets or magnetic strips and glue them on to one side of your case.

Take your scissors or x-acto knife and cut your cardboard to match your design for your eyeshadow pans. Glue your cardboard on top of the magnets. Your magnets should be visible through the holes you cut in your cardboard. I had to repeat my cutting step several times to make my eyeshadow pans fit just right.

You can glue a mirror to the opposite side of the case. Finish off with pretty paper cut to match your cardboard and possibly your mirror. Place decorative paper inside the outer sleeve to finish off.


  1. Brilliant idea. I featured your post with link on my blog today. Best of luck to you!

    Debra Kristi ~ Live in reality. Play on the other side.

  2. craftydancer says

    Genius! This is so original! Love it!

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