Don’t You Just Love this Bunny Plushie?

Don’t You Just Love this Bunny Plushie?

Looking for a cute idea for this Easter? Try making this felt bunny plush. Using a template, some felt and beads, you can make it at home in no time at all. Grab all the supplies and get going!

What you need

To make this bunny plush you’ll need:
1. Felt
2. Needle and thread
3. Scissors
4. Bunny template
5. Small beads


bunny (1)

Step-1: Create your own bunny template or simply download and print one. The template should be very simple, including all body parts at one piece. Place the template on a felt and trace around the side. Draw 2 similar patterns on the felt. Cut out the patterns using scissors.

bunny (2)

Step-2: Cut out the ear pieces from pink felt and select 2 small black beads for the eyes. The pink ear pieces should be smaller than the main ear part on the template. Stitch the pink ear pieces on the main ear part of the template. Mark the points for the eyes and simply stitch the eyes on their places using matching thread and needle.

bunny (3)

Step-3: Place both bunny body pieces together. The front  Stitch around the sides to join both pieces. Make sure to place the patterned piece on the plain piece. Prepare needle and thread then stitch around the sides to join both pieces.

bunny (4)

Step-4: Do not stitch the entire side at once. Keep a small area open to fill the wool. Close the open area with stitches after filling. Done!


  1. Can’t find the template for Free Plushie Bunny project

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