Dollartree Farmhouse Side Table Hack

Dollartree Farmhouse Side Table Hack

This craft tutorial shows you how to make an inexpensive side table using items from the Dollartree store and an oversized clock face.

What you need

Waste Paper baskets

Spray Paint

Large Clock face wall art

E6000 Glue


For this tutorial, you will need some basic supplies from the discount store such as the Dollar tree, reject shop or Pound, savers.

This tutorial is very simple and can be changed to suit your own decor.

Start by taking your two waste paper baskets and glueing them together with the E6000 glue.  You could use any other strong bond glue for this, but E6000 is the best in my opinion.

I like to paint my baskets when they are glued together but you can paint them separately or if you want white or black you won’t need to paint them at all.  If you are painting them a dark color go with the black base for easier coverage.

The top of this table is made using a rustic clock face, this particular clock face was gifted to me as the clock part was no longer working, but they can be picked up in discount stores or at thrift stores too.   Use the E6000 glue to secure it into place.

I added some silver gilding to the side of my clock face but this is totally optional.  I used a white wood glue and attached the silver leafing.I did not use any special glues or mediums for this application.


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    So clever

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