Dollar Tree Sunflower Daisy Spring Wreath

Dollar Tree Sunflower Daisy Spring Wreath

This tutorial shows you how to make a pretty floral wreath with basic supplies from the dollar tree store. A perfect wreath for springtime.

What you need

Grapevine wreath 18 inches (I got mine at Joann’s as they normally have a great sale on them)

Hot Glue Gun


Wire Cutters

Wooden Hello Cutout – Dollar Tree

Jute Twine- Dollar Tree

6 bunches of white sunflowers- Dollar Tree




Sunflowers are a symbol of adoration, loyalty, and longevity. They are a bright and cheerful flower that is perfect for the spring season. In this DIY craft tutorial, we will show you how to make a beautiful sunflower and daisy wreath using basic supplies from the Dollar Tree store. This wreath is perfect for welcoming guests to your home or as a gift for a loved one.

To make this wreath, you will need a grapevine wreath base which is 18 inches in size, a hot glue gun, scissors, wire cutters, a wooden “hello” cutout from the Dollar Tree, jute twine, and six bunches of white sunflowers. The sunflowers will be the focal point of the wreath and will add a pop of color to your front door or mantle. The wooden “hello” cutout will serve as a charming welcome sign for your guests.

To start, take the grapevine wreath and shape it into a circular form. Once it is in the desired shape, use the hot glue gun to attach the wooden “hello” cutout to the center of the wreath. Next, take the jute twine and wrap it around the wreath, securing it with hot glue as you go. This will add a rustic and natural touch to the wreath.

Now it’s time to add the sunflowers. Start by cutting the stems of the sunflowers to the desired length using the wire cutters. Then use the hot glue gun to attach the sunflowers to the wreath. You can place them randomly around the wreath or in a specific pattern. Once all the sunflowers are in place, your wreath is complete.

This Dollar Tree Sunflower Daisy Spring Wreath is a simple and affordable way to add some color and charm to your home. It’s a great way to show off your love for sunflowers and to welcome the spring season. With this tutorial, you’ll be able to create a beautiful wreath in no time.

Start by cutting two small pieces of the jute twine about 2.5 inches and hot gluing them to the backside H and the O. These will create small loops so that you can attach them to the wreath

Next cut (2) 5 inch pieces of jute twine. Slide each piece of jute twine through the loop you created and flip the hello cutout over and attach it by using the jute twine and the grapevine wreath pieces.

Next pop the flowers off of the stems and add some hot glue around the bottom, then attach to the grapevine wreath

I started by adding the flowers next to the hello cutout and then continued around the rest of the grapevine wreath.





  1. Rebecca Payne says

    I love this Wreath. So cute.

  2. It looks easy pretty not expensive Thank’s for something simple& pretty

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