Dollar Tree Peel And Stick Tile – Decorative Vase

Dollar Tree Peel And Stick Tile – Decorative Vase

DIY enthusiasts! Get ready to transform a plain old vase into a stunning masterpiece with our Peel and Stick Tile Vase tutorial. And guess what? We're going to do it using a dollar store wall tile from Dollar Tree!

What you need

7 inch pillar vase from dollar tree

Hot glue gun


Blue and White plastic tile from Dollar Tree


We all know that a simple vase can sometimes feel a little lackluster, but fear not! We have the perfect solution to turn that plain vase into a stunning centerpiece or decor accent. And the best part? We’re going to do it using peel and stick tiles!

Imagine the possibilities as you explore different colors, patterns, and textures of tiles, all easily available at your local store. Whether you want to add a pop of color to your space or create a stylish focal point, this tutorial has got you covered.

Start by laying the vase on top of the blue and white peel and stick tile. Make a line where the top of the vase is and then roll the vase along tracing the top so you can cut.

Cut along the line to create the shape.

Remove the backing from the tile so that the backside is sticky. Gently wrap the pillar vase with the tile and when you get to the end add a line of hot glue and overlap the tile.

Trim off any excess or overlap.



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