Dollar Tree Hack – Hair Bun Donut Pumpkins

Dollar Tree Hack – Hair Bun Donut Pumpkins

This fall craft shows you how to take a dollar tree hair bun donut and turn it into a festive fall pumpkin. Use these fall pumpkins as decorations or as a centrepiece for your fall or Thanksgiving table.

What you need

Hair Bun Donuts 

Wool or twine

Embellishments Fall picks

Rope, twigs or thick twine for stalks

Hot glue or craft glue


These project photos were contributed by Gina Enlow. Thanks for sharing your creation with us Gina, We love it!

These fun Fall or Thanksgiving pumpkins are made by using a Dollar tree hack. For this craft you take hair bun donuts and wrap them with lengths of twine or wool.

If you don’t have hair buns, you can make your donut out of old socks (clean ones of course). Cut the toe off and roll the sock to form a donut.  Then carry on with the instructions as follows.

  1. Wrap the donut with twine, by securing the end of the twine to the donut with a dab of glue, then wrap the donut until the whole pumpkin is covered.
  2. You can finish off your pumpkin by adding a stalk to the middle. Gina made hers using small lengths of rope that were frayed and glued into the middle but you can also use thick twigs from your garden or rolled-up felt, or fabric.
  3. Add leaves or other Thanksgiving embellishments to your pumpkins.

Create a Pumpkin collection by using different yarn textures and colors and place them into a bowl.


  1. Looks easy for my crafters to do where I work in assisted living facility. Will try this….thank you….

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