Dollar Tree Farmhouse Bench Ladder

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Bench Ladder

This tutorial shows you how to make a benchtop ladder for a farmhouse display.

What you need

Hot Glue Gun

E6000 Glue

Paint Brush

Waverly White Chalk Paint

2 Dollar Tree Rectangle Wood signs

Dollar Tree wood planks




Start by painting the rectangle signs, and 3 wood planks (I did a few coats to make sure they were completely covered)

Make sure all the wood pieces are completely dry, as the glue will not stick to them if they are not

Add dabs of the E6000 glue and the dabs of hot glue in between those. The hot glue will help adhere faster and the E6000 will help it be studier

Start with placing one of the wooden pieces in the middle first. I laid the pieces on the table and then added the middle wooden plank. I then added the bottom and top planks

Allow for the ladder to dry overnight. The longer you can let it dry the better. I left mine alone for 24 hours

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