Dollar Tree – DIY Hampton’s Coastal Beach Lantern

Dollar Tree – DIY Hampton’s Coastal Beach Lantern

This tutorial shows you how to make a coastal Hampton's style lantern using picture frames from the Dollar Tree store. The perfect coastal style for your home decor.

What you need

6 dollar tree frames (mine were white with kind of an aged look

Hot Glue Gun/ glue sticks

E6000 Glue


Coastal decor is very popular right now, thanks to the increase in Hampton’s style houses and decor. The clean white crisp look of coastal beach property is calming and inviting. You can create your very own coastal decorations for your home for a low budget. These DIY coastal lanterns are perfect and can be made for under $10, which means you can make 2-3 of them and style them in clusters, try making these lanterns, in different sizes to create a cluster-styled corner in your home or on your patio.  Seal them with marine varnish for an all-weather finish if you are using these beach lanterns outside.

Start by taking off the back of the photo frames and the paper and throw those out. Next, take the small metal pieces that are holding the glass in and push them back or you could remove them completely with pliers if you wanted.

Remove the glass piece from the photo frame. Using hot glue, add a thin line or a couple of dabs to each corner of the dollar tree frame and then place the glass on top. Complete this with 5 of the Dollar tree frames. Even though there are 6 frames, I left one of the glass pieces out so that I could use it when staging your items inside the coastal Hampton’s lantern.

Next, add dabs of the E6000 glue to the backside left and right side of the frame. In between those dabs of E6000 glue, add dabs of hot glue (you must work quickly as the hot glue dries very quickly once it hits the frame)

Next, add one beach frame to each side where the glue has been added. Add the last frame to make the bottom shape with the same process.

For the top part of Hampton’s Coastal lantern, repeat the same process with the glue but to the long side of the frames and then add some glue to the center. 

Let the coastal Lantern dry overnight!


What do you think of this project? Let us know!