Dollar Tree Basket Side Table

Dollar Tree Basket Side Table

This craft tutorial shows you how to make an inexpensive side table using items from the Dollar tree store.

What you need

Pizza Tray

Waste Paper baskets

Spray Paint

Wide Ribbon

Decorative Paper/Fabric

E6000 Glue



For this tutorial, you will need some basic supplies from the discount store such as the Dollar tree, reject shop or Pound, savers.

This tutorial is very simple and can be changed to suit your own decor.

Start by taking your two waste paper baskets and glueing them together with the E6000 glue.  You could use any other strong bond glue for this, but E6000 is the best in my opinion.

I like to paint my baskets when they are glued together including the pizza tray on top, but you can paint them separately or if you want white or black you won’t need to paint them at all.  If you are painting them a dark color go with the black base for easier coverage.

The top is created by glueing the pizza tray into place. Once the paint has dried you can add the fabric to the tray, paint it, use a decorative piece of paper for the centre or leave it plain. This part will depend on your decor. If you are planning on using paper/fabric, make sure you give it a few coats with a clear varnish to seal the paper, assuming you are likely to place a coffee cup or glass down onto the surface, so you will want it to be sealed.

Finish off with a wide ribbon to cover the basket join.

This amazing craft project was created by Shelly J.F , Thanks so much for sharing your completed project with us Shelly!


  1. Beautiful. But what did you use for the bottom?

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