DIY Valentine’s Apron: Great Sewing Project

DIY Valentine’s Apron: Great Sewing Project

If you're baking up a batch of Valentine cookies, you'll need this cute apron!

What you need

Cotton Valentines Fabric, Felt in Tan and Light Pink, Seed Beads, White Fabric, Lace, Sewing Machine, Needle and Thread


1. Cut out a 22″x 25″ piece of Valentines themed fabric for the base of your apron.

2. Iron 1/4″ hems onto the 2 shorter sides of your apron. Stitch them down.

3. For an apron strap, cut out 3 35″x3″ strips of fabric, and stitch the ends together so that you have one long piece.

Iron 1/4″ hems onto each side of the strap, and fold in half. Iron flat and stitch down the edges, sewing them together.


4. Pin the middle of the strap onto the center of the apron on the top edge. Pin the strap on the corners of the apron, and run a stitch along the top edge, sewing the strap to the apron.


5. For the ruffles cut out 1 35″x3″ piece from 2 fabrics. Iron a 1/4″ hem onto the bottom and 2 short sides of the ruffle pieces and stitch along the hems, making a finished edge.

6. Pin the unfinished edge of the ruffle fabric to the bottom of the apron, right sides together, as seen in the picture below. You’ll want to space out your ruffles evenly, pinning as you go.

7. Stitch down the ruffles, and flip the ruffle over and iron.

8. Repeat the steps with the second ruffle piece, only placing it 2″ above the first ruffle. Stitch it down, flip over and iron.

9. For the pockets, Cut out 2 6″ hearts from tan felt and 2 5″ hearts from light pink felt.

10. Using a needle and thread, sew 10-12 seed beads onto each pink heart.

11. Stitch the pink hearts to the tan hearts using a blanket stitch and pink thread.

12. Position the hearts on the apron as pockets and sew into place, taking care to leave open the  top of the pockets.


13. Cut out 2 6″ hearts, 1 from white cotton fabric and 1 from lace.

14. Stitch them down onto your apron, placing it between your 2 pockets.

All done!


  1. Pattie cake says

    Love this apron! Not too hard of a project for granddaughter and I to make—and she’ll love it!!!

  2. I cannot find the actual pattern
    I need the pocket pattern especially

  3. I think it;s cute, I’ll sew one as soon as I get another machine. Mine is not working.

  4. Barbara Lavell says

    Very cute, I’ll have to make it for Valentine’s Day.

  5. Love this apron,very retro.Will be making it soon!

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