DIY Snowman Shovel Porch Decor

DIY Snowman Shovel Porch Decor

Recycle an old snow shovel into an adorable piece of porch decor that is perfect all Winter long!

What you need

snow shovel, white paint, black paint, orange paint, 2″ paint brush, .5″ paint brush, 1″ round sponge brush, red ribbon or fabric strip.


  1. Start by finding the perfect shovel for your project. I used an old snow shovel I picked up at a garage sale.


2. Next, take white acrylic paint and paint the metal part of the shovel. Let dry.

step1 step2

3. Using orange acrylic paint and a smaller paint brush, paint a carrot shaped nose into the middle of your shovel.


4. Use a round sponge brush to stamp black circles in the shape of a smile underneath the nose. Also stamp 2 circles above for the eyes.

step4 step5

5. Finish off the shovel by tying a large red bow around it, using either ribbon or a strip of red fabric.



  1. Great post Thanks for sharing the information Looks beautiful

  2. I’m going to make one this weekend. We have a bunch of those old shovels laying about in the barn not being used. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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