DIY Snowman Shovel Porch Decor

DIY Snowman Shovel Porch Decor

Recycle an old snow shovel into an adorable piece of porch decor that is perfect all Winter long!

What you need

snow shovel, white paint, black paint, orange paint, 2″ paint brush, .5″ paint brush, 1″ round sponge brush, red ribbon or fabric strip.


  1. Start by finding the perfect shovel for your project. I used an old snow shovel I picked up at a garage sale.


2. Next, take white acrylic paint and paint the metal part of the shovel. Let dry.

step1 step2

3. Using orange acrylic paint and a smaller paint brush, paint a carrot shaped nose into the middle of your shovel.


4. Use a round sponge brush to stamp black circles in the shape of a smile underneath the nose. Also stamp 2 circles above for the eyes.

step4 step5

5. Finish off the shovel by tying a large red bow around it, using either ribbon or a strip of red fabric.



Christmas decorations light up lawns across America during the holiday season. Lights, angels Santa Clauses, reindeer and elves populate the front lawn of houses along the streets. Often the backyard is left neglected and dark. Decorating the back porch is a great way to light up the house from the back and send a cheery greeting to the neighbors on the back side of the fence.

Back porch decorations are not usually seen from the street, so they feel more personal and homey. This is an area that you decorate for personal enjoyment, which makes it special. Often friends and family enter via the back door, rather than the front door. Offer a cheery greeting by decorating the back porch.

1. Choose a color theme. Multicolored lights used to be the only choice. Now people have a multitude of choices to make. Multicolored lights give a merry look to the house. Lights of all red or all blue look elegant. A house done entirely in white or clear lights looks stunning. Choose a color theme and coordinate the back and front of the house.

2. Hang lights from the porch. Decorate the back porch with strings of holiday lights. Tack strings of lights along the roof line of the porch, if you can reach it safely. Let the lines hang down to the ground. Lights in the back light up the backyard, which offers a measure of security from intruders and helps to prevent tripping in the dark. Take care not to have electric lines out in the walkways, as people can trip and be injured.

3. Hang garlands from the door frame. Garlands of evergreen hung from the frame of the porch make a pretty frame for the porch. Use natural pine branches, or purchase a silk garland from the craft store. The garland can be decorated with red ribbons, tied in bows, pine cones, and ornaments.

4. Hang a sprig of mistletoe over the door. A kiss under the mistletoe is a romantic Christmas tradition.

5. If you have an indoor back porch, put a small Christmas Tree in the room. The porch is usually cooler than the rest of the house, so a live tree might last longer on the back porch than in the warmer family room or living room.

6. Do you have evergreens next to the back door? String lights on the bushes for a jolly look.

7. Hang a wreath on the back door. Purchase a wreath from the garden store or a silk wreath from the craft or home decorating store. Tie a big red bow on the wreath. Attach ornaments and/or pine cones to the bow. The wreath welcomes guests to the back door.

8. Santa Claus on the back porch offers a cheery greeting. If there is room, put a blow-up Santa at the back door, greeting back door friends and family.

9. Teddy Bears on a rocking chair. If you have a collection of stuffed teddy bears, display them on a rocking chair on the back porch. The teddy bears can be dressed up for Christmas with colorful bows. Drape a red or plaid blanket on the chair and place the bear family on the blanket.

10. Have fun decorating the back porch. Enjoy being creative and whimsical while decorating the back porch for friends and family.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Great post Thanks for sharing the information Looks beautiful

  2. I’m going to make one this weekend. We have a bunch of those old shovels laying about in the barn not being used. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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