DIY Rustic Farmhouse Ladder

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Ladder

This tutorial shows you how to take garden stakes from the Dollar tree and turn them into a Rustic Farmhouse ladder

What you need

Finish nails
wood Glue
Garden Stakes
Varnish Stain (optional)


This tutorial was contributed by Lisa Royal and you can check her out on Instagram

This rustic ladder is made using garden stakes from the Dollar Tree store, you can pick up garden stakes at most home supply stores also.

There are 6 in the pkg.

I used all of them. I glued 2 each together giving me 3 thicker ones in total. Used one for the rungs. I cut them 14″ wide.

The rungs are 14 ” long. I spaced the first one 8″ down the second 10″ down third and forth 12″ inches apart. I used finish nails to hammer it together.

The ladder is finished off with a tinted varnish stain to give it a rustic finish.


  1. I made this and I absolutely love it!! Super easy DIY. Give it a try!!

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