DIY Rope Words

DIY Rope Words

This tutorial shows you how to make Rope Word signs for your party or wedding. This is very easy to do and has a really visible impact.

What you need

Rope – We used 1/2 inch and 2 yards
Nails or long tacks
Foam board or thick cardboard to nail the rope down whilst gluing
PVA White wood glue


Start by getting your area setup. You will need to pin or nail the rope into place whilst it dries 2-3 days. We used a thick foam carpet block but you could use thick polystyrene or cardboard. You want to make sure that its a smooth surface as to allow you to peel the rope off once it dries. You could cover your board with wax paper or plastic.

I added a few tablespoons of water to my PVA glue to make it smoother and easier to work deep into the rope threads. Once I had designed my letter layout I started dipping the rope into the glue.


Once It was soaked I nailed it into position and carried on with the next letter. Keep doing this until your word is finished. Add extra nails at joins to help keep them connected.


Once my letters/word was complete I added another layer of glue with a brush, making sure to get into all the joins.  I did this two more times allowing it to dry between each coat.

Once it was dry on top I took it off the board and flipped it over to get the air to the other side. It took around 2 days to dry as hard as I wanted it.

It was used for a Cowgirl party and looks very cool.



What do you think of this project? Let us know!