DIY Resin Bookmark

DIY Resin Bookmark

This tutorial shows you how to make a UV resin bookmark using a bookmark mold and embeds

What you need

UV Resin
UV Lamp
Bookmark Mold
Silver Foil Flakes
Resin Pigment
Small Cups


For more detailed instructions with working with resin, I suggest reading our guide to basic resin casting. 

When using UV Resin

  • Always wear mask and gloves
  • You need a nail lamp or UV lamp to cure the resin
  • UV resin is good for small projects. For big products you need to use Epoxy.
  • If you add mica powder, alcohol inks, etc. you will need to cure it longer. The same goes for molds that are not clear. It is hard for the UV light to penetrate.
  • Use a lighter or heat gun to get rid of bubbles before curing. You should run the heat source over the project before curing. 

Start with a thin layer of resin where you want to place your flakes and glitter. Start adding your silver foil.

In a small cup add a small amount of resin and add in a tiny bit of your glitter

Using a toothpick or dotting tool add your glitter where you would like it. I did it in between the silver flakes

Now we want to color our resin. Add a small amount of resin to another small cup and add one drop of pigment. You can make it darker but the darker it is the longer it takes to cure. 

Mix thoroughly. You should have a light blue like this


You want to add that to the top of your mold like this

Add another thin layer of resin over the top to make sure everything is filled in and then let it cure for 4 minutes at 60 second intervals. When fully cured it will look like this

What do you think of this project? Let us know!