Altered Game Piece Pendant

Altered Game Piece Pendant

This Frida pendant is made from an altered Toy Story Memory Game piece. I used a variety of collage and mixed media techniques to alter the chipboard game piece into wearable art.

What you need

game piece to alter
paper scraps


Choose a chipboard game piece to alter. Use collage and mixed media techniques to create a background.

Add an image or design of your choice. I used a digital rubber stamp from Dilly Beans for my design.

Seal your finished design (I used varnish). Embellish a little or a lot…it’s up to you.

I used a tiny hole punch to punch holes for my jumprings and then attached my chain. For more information, see my blog post.


  1. I just saw this project and it’s great! But i have one question–you said you used a rubber stamp for your image? Is that right? It doesn’t look anything like a rubber stamp-image; you did a great job of coloring it in!

    And–how did you punch the holes in your game piece? (Yes, that’s two questions. I was always bad in math…lol…)

  2. Can’t wait to try this and check out a lot of the crafts you have! Great ideas for the Block Club Easter Egg Hunt and the Secret Santa Shop @ the Elementary School where the kids get to pick out their own little gifts for Family and Friends. Its always hard to come up with new ideas and the ideas I’ve seen so far are great, the little one are going to be thrilled to buy these. Thank You for the great ideas

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