DIY Primitive Snowman Spoons

DIY Primitive Snowman Spoons

This Christmas tutorial shows you how to turn wooden spoons into an adorable Christmas snowman.

What you need

off white/cream acrylic paint, black or spray paint
Orange and black paint pens or paint.
1/2 button and 1/2 inch scrap fabric for scarf
dirty brown for aging



This Christmas craft project shows you how to make the most adorable little Christmas decoration or ornament. These adorable Snowmen are made using upcycled or recycled wooden spoons. They create a rustic and adorable farmhouse style snowman.

Paint your spoons with white or off white paint. , this one is made using a flat cream paint.  but you could use any you like, for a more rustic finish you could sponge on cream paint so that the wooden spoon was showing through instead of adding the brown on top.

Add the facial features with paint pens or a small paintbrush. If you are looking to age your spoon, using a dry brush method add the brown to the edges.

Dry brush is when you place paint onto a brush then dry it off so that most of the paint is gone and build up your layers of brown by gently adding the brown with the dry brush.

Finish off your snowman with little scarfs of scrab fabric.

Use what you have on hand and aim for dark colors for a primitive look.

This snowman image was created by Melanie. G who is a member of our Christmas Crafts Facebook group. Thanks for sharing Melanie, We love it!

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