DIY Pinecone Gnomes

DIY Pinecone Gnomes

These Pinecone gnomes are adorable for Christmas or any time of year.

What you need

White paint
Craft Glue
Red felt or fabric
wood bead for nose


This tutorial shows you how to take a pinecone and turn it into an adorable gnome that can be perfect for a Christmas themed decoration. You can then hang them in the yard or around the house.

Take your pinecone and paint the top part white. The bottom of the pine cone becomes the face, so you need to leave that part natural. The white is to represent the beard.

Make the beanie using red felt, but you could also use a printed Christmas sock to form it. Secure the felt beanie or the Christmas sock with craft glue and allow to dry.

Add the gnomes nose to the top of the beard.  You can use wood beads or a pom-pom.

This gnome was contributed by Stephanie S. We loved her idea so much we knew we had to feature it.


  1. Deirdre Henry says

    Have lots of pine cones in stash. Shall try making these cute gnomes. Very clear instructions. Thank you.

  2. The pine cone painted white is the “beard”…

  3. These make me smile just looking at them. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

  4. Jeanne Pederson says

    I LOVE THIS!! A small, medium, and large pattern for the hat would help a lot!! To me a
    beard on this could be optional! Thank you for such a cute idea!!

  5. Love it and very easy. For the hat,just take a piece of felt as long as you want the hat. Wrap it around the pinecone cut off excess and glue it together.

  6. How long do you bake the pine cones?

  7. Not that complicated. The fabric for the hat will depend on how big the pine cone is. You can sew or glue a loop of ribbon on the back to hang this.

  8. I discovered that if you want the nice wispy beard, it was cheaper to find a pillow with faux fur on amazon. Take it off he form and cut to the size you need,. Buying faux fur in a package or in a fabric store is way more expensive that using the pillow fur. I found a faux fur pillow on Amazon for under $ 10 with no shipping. I can make many beards with it, plus I have a form insert I can now use to make a pillow.

  9. I put them in a 300 oven . Soon the pine cone will open up…even very tightly closed one. mine had no pitch. They were wet and dirty from being on the ground. It works great. Just keep an eye on t he cones until they open or partially open.

  10. Great idea, thanks!

  11. I agree with some of the comments above – not a tutorial, just a picture. And after one is done, then what? Are you hanging it? How? What size is the hat? or??? Not a good tutorial but a very cute idea.

  12. Marilyn Zawojski says

    I always bake the pine cones and acorns to
    Get rid of worms before they hatch and to get rid of the pitch
    Which is so sticky

  13. Lori Goodyear says

    Did anyone bake the pinecone in order to get rid of the sticky pine pitch?

  14. Need hat pattern or measurements

  15. The instructions stated to paint white for the beard. Very clear instructions i thought. Also a really cute idea.

  16. Very cute, but needed to add a white beard.

  17. Very cute! Looks simple enough that I feel the picture and explanation is enough of a tutorial.

  18. Nancy West says

    Not really a tutorial, but it’s a cute idea.

  19. Cute IDEA….not a TUTORIAL.

  20. Beryl Hazlewood says

    Should have had a template for the hat.

  21. Gale Cady Williams says

    I don’t see a tutorial. What size is the felt cut to? You just have to figure this craft out by looking at the picture – that’s not a tutorial! That’s a picture!

  22. Jeretta Bliss says

    I think these Pine cone gnomes are so darn cute. Thank you for sharing.

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