DIY Mini Cup Cake Earrings

DIY Mini Cup Cake Earrings

This super cute cupcake earrings can be a perfect gift for a foodie or cupcake lover or earring lover! You might as well make one for yourself, it'll only take a few minutes.

What you need

1. Seed beads- red
2. Faux pearl bead- 2
3. Craft wire
4. Craft pliers
5. Jewelry cup ends -2
6. Earring hook – 2















Insert a white faux pearl bead and then a red seed bead into the wire without cutting it from the bundle.  Make a small loop at the open end of the craft wire.














Push the beads upwards, adjacent to the loop, the red seed bead should be adjacent to the loop.














Keep enough wire at the other end to create another small loop and cut off wire from bundle. Make the other loop to secure the beads.














Take a jewelry cup end and attach it with the faux pearl bead using hot glue. Make sure to glue the bead inside the cup. Similarly make another cupcake pattern.














Gather a pair of earring hooks and simply attach the cupcake charms with the hook through their loops.













Wasn’t that fun and easy!

Time to show-off those cute and delicious cupcake earrings!


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