DIY Halloween Macrame Pattern

DIY Halloween Macrame Pattern

Macrame has become quite popular in DIY world. Using black yarns or dyed ropes to make a macrame this Halloween wouldn't be so bad. Check out this tutorial and give it a try.

What you need

1. Black yarn
2. Dry Twig
3. Scissors


Step-1: First of all, prepare a dry log or twig as you wish. You can use thick ropes but I used the basic yarn threads, in that case you’ll need a couple of strands and count them as  a group. I counted 4 strands of yarn as group. Make sure the strands are at least 30 inches long.

Step-2: Take a group of yarn strands and fold them into half. Place the closed (folded) part of the strands under the twig. Grab the other end of the group and draw them through the loop created between the closed end and the twig. Pull the lose ends and tighten the knot.

Step-3: Attach 5 more groups of strands to the twig following step 2. Position all groups in the centre of the twig.

Step-4: Divide each group into 2 parts and use 2 groups (totaling 4 parts) to create a square knot. As we have 6 groups we can create 3 square knots.

Step-5: For the 2nd line, leave 1 group from each side. So now we have 4 groups. Again we’ll create 2 square knots with these 4 groups.

For 3rd line, Leave 2 groups from each side and use the 2 centre groups to create 1 square knot.

Starting from any one side move towards the centre by doing half hitches.

Step-6: Once you’ve reached the centre insert a bead into the centre strands and tie a knot to secure the bead.

You can do more knots if you wish to. You can also trim the open ends of the yarn strands into any pattern you want.

Attach a hanging mechanism and enjoy!


  1. Denise Shrives says

    I love it !

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