Beanie – Manly Man Style

Beanie – Manly Man Style

Below I show you how to go about knitting yourself, for a family member or a friend, a custom made beanie of their own.

What you need

Knitting Needles


Beanies are fun hats that most people like to wear in the winter to keep their head and ears warm.  More recently beanies have become a fashion trend and have been worn year round.

  1. To start the project it will require tying a slipknot around the end of one needle.
  2. Use your second needle to slip under the slipknot (on needle 2).  This will help form an “X” between both needles.
  3. After forming the “X” you will want to loop the yarn with needle 2 around needle 1.  This should have now help you build 2 “loops” around the first needle.
  4. Repeat this step until roughly 55-60 “loops” have been created. The amount of loops will determine the width of the hat.  60 loops should be large enough for most people.
  5. By positioning the 2nd needle through the front of a loop on needle 1 you will have completed a stitch.  Make sure you continue with this until you have this completed through every loop on needle 1.   Once you get this done you will (in my opinion) have the hardest part done of the project!
  6. In reverse order (moving from needle 2 to now needle 1) repeat the stitches until you get about 4-5 inches of knitting.
  7. At this point you need to make the next few rows shorter then the previous 4-5 inches of knits.  To do this continue knitting as you previously had but run your needs through two loops at a time.
  8. After finishing the knitting you will need to cut the yard.  Please make sure to leave 7-8 inches of yarn remaining when you cut.  You will then take your needle and weave this last bit of yarn through the last loops.  This will help you complete your knitted beanie hat.
  9. Once you’ve completed the above 8 tasks you will need to turn the beanie inside out and then it will be completed!  The directions above explain how to complete a beanie with one solid color.  You may want to consider a future project where you knit a beanie with multiple colors!!

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  1. Jskrahlingpot says

    What kind of yarn is this third?

  2. This is a nice explanation – but where is the actually pattern please. I would like to make this for my son and brother and need the actual pattern to do that. I agree with Geminiforever – this Aquarian also thinks this is dumb too.

  3. Sonia Volkwyn says

    Where is the actual pattern?

  4. after the details spent on how to knot, type of wool and needle sizes would have been a useful addition

  5. geminiforever says

    I think this is one of the dumbest sets of directions I have ever seen. So nothing!

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